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2017 China Refrigeration Exhibition, can't see the same saswell


The 28th International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Food Refrigeration Processing Exhibition (China Refrigeration Exhibition) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center in 2017. This exhibition brought together elites from relevant industries at home and abroad. Come to the exhibition.

At that time, saswell brought a number of new refrigeration products to the booth of W1G51 in China Refrigeration Exhibition with a new look, and exhibited a new series of valve bodies, diversified temperature control items and intelligent control solutions for air-conditioning and floor heating. attention.

Constantly, exhibitors stayed at the booth, consulted the saswell staff for product information, and conducted detailed negotiations, which made Senwei a major focus of the exhibition.

Many visitors to the booth at saswell

Exhibitors negotiate with saswell personnel

The new series of valve body debut

At the China Refrigeration Exhibition, Senwell exhibited a new control valve body, including a new series of fan coil electric / balancing valves, a new series of HVAC system regulating valves.

New series of fan coil electric / balancing valves

The new series of valves not only formed a unified design style, but also achieved a high level of performance and quality. The first group of valve bodies attracted a lot of visitors to visit and consult.

A variety of thermostats were exhibited collectively, providing exhibitors with a variety of choices, large-screen display, wifi control, color screen design, global interconnection... comprehensive intelligent features have been praised by many exhibitors.

With the popularization of air conditioners and floor heating, in order to better meet the needs of users, air-conditioning floor heating has been widely used.

At the exhibition site, Senwei also demonstrated the floor heating + central air conditioning two-in-one intelligent control solution, and discussed and communicated with the industry insiders. The scene effect was remarkable.

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