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/Alexa, Siri voice systems are not true artificial intelligence
Alexa, Siri voice systems are not true artificial intelligence

2019 / 12 / 04

DannyLange, who has developed machine learning platforms for the three major tech giants, said that although computers are not self-aware, they have been able to think independently.

Amazon's product recommendation feature and Uber artificial intelligence that can schedule user trips are all made by DannyLange. The Danish computer scientist has created a machine learning platform that helps the company operate, covering everything from engineering to marketing. Lange has also worked with Unity, the video game development platform Unity, which has the world's largest 2D, 3D, VR and AR game experience development platform, to create more sophisticated and sophisticated robot players, far surpassing human engineers.

Ange does not deliberately avoid the over-hyped term "artificial intelligence"-as long as the machine does learn to respond to user needs, it can be called artificial intelligence. But he is skeptical of the so-called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) vision. He is also very skeptical of things that don't seem to be intelligent, such as Alexa and Siri. They can only work according to human-written scripts and cannot be autonomous Thinking.

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