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/SASWELL Brings Five Intelligent Control Solutions to Beijing ISH Exhibition
SASWELL Brings Five Intelligent Control Solutions to Beijing ISH Exhibition

2019 / 07 / 12

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The three-day Asian HVAC industry's annual event, the Beijing ISH China Heating Show, came to an end today. This year's Beijing ISH Heating Exhibition brought together more than 1,300 quality HVAC companies, attracting more than 75,000 Chinese and foreign visitors.

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Such a grand event, how can the "resident guests" of the ISH exhibition be absent? At the exhibition, Senwei brought the two types of constant temperature intelligent control solutions, including radiators and water heating, to the ISH HVAC exhibition, which attracted wide attention. The exhibitors stopped at the booth to learn about the system solutions from the Senville personnel.

Whole house radiator temperature control solution

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The whole room radiator temperature control solution is suitable for the heating system of the wall-hung boiler + radiator. It consists of 801+ smart center + receiver, and the system has strong compatibility. The 801 controls the room temperature by controlling the flow of the radiator. The receiver controls the wall-hung switch, and the smart center takes on the functions of the brain, centrally processes room temperature information, connects the mobile phone (Internet), and decides when to switch the fireplace.

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The linkage wall-hung boiler can control the opening and closing of the wall-mounted boiler according to the temperature demand set by the user, so as to achieve the purpose of comfortable temperature control and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, the system can also set the temperature without passing through the room according to the nature of the use of the room and the user's usage habits.

Whole house temperature control solution

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Whole homeowner from intelligent control solutions

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The whole owner can realize the linkage of the two supply systems from the intelligent control solution. Specifically, the master-slave control system is connected by bus to reduce the installation wiring; the system has strong scalability, and can link the host and host modes to achieve mode coordination. Large units can be linked to secondary pumps, supporting up to 12 zones for simultaneous control. WiFi intelligent control, reserved RS485 interface can be connected to the smart home system, the operating status of each component of the system is included in the monitoring scope of the control system.

To achieve linkage between the two supply systems, the Saswell full-owner master control solution also has the following advantages:
● Master-slave control mode makes WIFI remote control more smooth, avoiding the home router from dropping due to exceeding the carrying capacity;
● Solve the risk of condensation caused by the conflict between the thermostat and the host mode;
● Mode coordination by means of sensor determination switch type host mode;
● Switch the hot and cold mode of all rooms on the main control with one button;
● Directly change the 485 type host mode through 485 communication.

Real-time monitoring of sensor temperature and humidity data, collecting heat gain and loss in each area, supply on demand; and linkage master work according to changes in outdoor air temperature; avoiding indoor condensation and achieving constant temperature heating/cooling.

Whole house intelligent control mixed solution

Whole house intelligent water heating solution & whole house wireless intelligent water heating solution

Mainly control water floor heating solutions & centrally control water floor heating solutions

Senville home heating pipe

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