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/Intelligence and Innovation - Ssawell's new appearance at the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany
Intelligence and Innovation - Ssawell's new appearance at the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany


ISH has a history of more than 50 years. Simply put, it is a successful exhibition that has gone through half a century. As a biennial exhibition, ISH has attracted worldwide attention and has become a gathering place for major companies around the world. Visiting the Frankfurt International Exhibition Center and attending the ISH exhibition is equivalent to seeing future-oriented architectural solutions.

On March 14th, 2017, Senwei brought the latest main products of 2017 to the exhibition with a new attitude of intelligence and innovation. Four family heating solutions, from water floor heating thermostat, electric floor heating thermostat, to wall-hung boiler control, water boiler floor heating thermostat, heat sink control, melting It has gathered wireless connection technology and WIFI control technology to stand out from many intelligent control products and attract a large number of audiences at home and abroad to stop and understand.

Exhibitors from all over the world are interested in high-spirited and experienced products. They have the experience of operating products on the spot. They have the technical principles to consult with the reception staff. They have an understanding of how Senwei products can access their brand solutions. The atmosphere is lively.

The Senwei booth is full of exhibitions

Exhibitors and Saswell personnel to negotiate

Operating experience with Saswell products

Explain the principle of Saswell's product technology for the exhibitors

Partners from all over the world come to the exhibition

After more than ten years of accumulation and precipitation, Senwei is trusted by customers for its excellent product quality, excellent problem solving ability and perfect service. In the future development path, Senwei will continue to win customer recognition with high-quality products and better after-sales service, and join hands with domestic and foreign customers to create a better future!

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