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NB-iot temperature humidity sensor

Main Features
Temperature and humidity sensor is devices can convert temperature and humidity into electrical signals that can easily measure temperature and humidity.
Product Details
Air environment detector

Healthy breathing, one hand control

  • Mobile phone real-time monitoring
  • Intelligent linkage
  • motion detection
  • low power consumption
  • Small and exquisite
  • Accurate and stable

wifi temperature and humidity sensor

Hazy weather seriously endangers health, indoor air quality is also worrying

PM2.5 particles are small, large in size, highly active, and easily attached to toxic and harmful substances (such as heavy metals, microorganisms, etc.).
PM1.0 refers to fine particles with a diameter of ≤1 micron, which can not only reach the deepest part of the lungs through breathing, but also enter the alveolar blood, which has a great impact on human health.

temperature and humidity monitoring system

They need to breathe healthy and clean air

  • Pregnant women, the critical period of baby development
  • Children, low immunity and easy to get sick
  • The elderly, old and infirm need care

24-hour air quality monitoring
Protect the health of you and your family
temperature humidity monitor

Mobile phone real-time monitoring
Check air quality anytime, anywhere

It supports ZigBee wireless communication to connect to the cloud platform, and users can remotely view it in real time through the mobile APP to know the air quality at home anytime, anywhere.

smart temperature and humidity sensor

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, unlimited mobile detection
Low power consumption, long-lasting battery life, can be placed in the car to detect air quality

bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor

Emoji display, air quality at a glance

Link smart devices to improve indoor environment
When indoor PM2.5 and ambient temperature and humidity deviate from the preset values and the air quality deteriorates, it will automatically turn on smart devices such as air purifiers and air conditioners to improve indoor air quality and create a healthy and comfortable living environment for families.

temperature and humidity control system

Applicable to multiple scenarios, versatile living environment

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