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ndir sensor,human body detection sensor

Main Features
ndir sensor,human body detection sensor,sensors to detect human presence in a room
Product Details
human sensor
Sensing the movement of the human body and the change of light and shade in the environment

Motion and light detection, 3-year battery life, IPX5 waterproof, wide detection range

ndir sensor

Product Features
human sensor
360° rotation design
Magnetic design
Digital temperature compensation technology
Low Voltage Monitoring
human sensor
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pir sensor for human detection

Real-time monitoring wide-angle detection
Pyroelectric infrared sensing technology can sensitively identify heat changes, intelligently sense human body movement, and give an alarm in time when the human body enters the monitoring range.

infrared security alarm system

Seiko Quality Smart Sensing
This product adopts a rotatable full-angle design with a wide detection range. With anti-white light function,Reduce the possibility of false positives and false negatives. Digital temperature compensation technology.

human body sensing sensors

Illumination recognition
Intelligent perception of light and shade in the environment
Automatically turn on night light
Light intensity mileage: 0-1000lux
thermal imaging detector

Various installation methods are suitable for more scenarios
It supports multiple installation methods such as laying flat, sticking to the wall and upside down; the main body can be separated from the base and attached to any iron-containing position such as the refrigerator.

infrared led sensor
human temperature sensor

Magnetic suction design 360°rotation adjustment
Innovative magnetic structure design, not afraid of falling when installed on the wall, rotate and adjust at any angle, and alarm in time when a human body is detected entering the monitoring range.

ndir detector

90°folding and 360°rotating base to adjust the angle is more convenient and the detection range is wider
With the base, it can still rotate within the hemisphere after being pasted and fixed, making it easier to adjust the angle and wider the detection space.

infrared detectors
infrared temperature sensor

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