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How to Troubleshoot a Defective Thermostat on An Electric Water Heater

2022 / 02 / 14

Troubleshooting the thermostat on your water heater might look difficult. But with this guide, you can handle this task without contacting a professional.

1.Head to the circuit breaker and turn off the power to the thermostat. This step is vital because it protects you from electrical shocks. If you are working with a two-pole breaker, both breakers will go off at the same time.

2.Pull out the two panels that protect the thermostat. Under the cover lies insulation that matches the opening. Remove and set aside for future installation.

3.Locate a plastic panel on the thermostat and heating element. Underneath the panel lies button. Press it to ensure it is in perfect condition.

4.Check for a “snapping” movement as you push the button. If you feel any, switch on the power and allow it to run for some minutes.

5.Confirm if there is no power on the unit especially if you want to still work on the unit. To do this, wave a non-contact voltage tester near a pair of wires at the top. If you don’t notice any lights or beeps on the meter, then there is no electricity on the thermostat.

6.Work on the unit as if there is a power even when you detect no readings on the tester. Gently pull out or unscrew the plastic cover on the thermostat. Avoid placing your fingers deep into the unit to prevent possible accidents.

7.Bring out a voltmeter and set it to a minimum of 240 volts. Place the test lead on all the upper screws. If you have a reading then the power is turned on, switch it off and check again. There must be no power on the unit.

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