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eTRV + smart radiator valve saves 30% of energy


The leading University of London installed eTRV+ Smart Radiator Valve in its student dormitories and saved 30% in energy.

The university has been using its building management system to control heating and temperature control in each bedroom, kitchen and hallway via TRV. The system provides two heating periods, which are turned on in the morning and evening, and turned off in the afternoon and evening. The energy manager's offer for the project encouraged the university to save energy.

eTRV + was originally installed in student bedrooms and then extended into corridors and kitchens for balanced temperature control throughout the building. The bedroom and setting is 19 ° c, and the booster is set to 21 ° c. The corridor is set at 16 ° C and the kitchen is set at 19 ° C.

eTRV+ Smart Radiator Valve is installed in the bedroom to detect occupancy. If the student leaves the room for more than an hour, eTRV + will lower the temperature to a lower temperature (16 ° c). eTRV + includes a sleeping facility that provides the option to further reduce calories during longer vacancies. For example, heating can be set to turn off 24 hours after a student leaves the room, saving money on weekends or holidays.

For universities, the eTRV+ Smart Radiator Valve saves costs through automatic temperature control and only fully heating the occupied area. By eliminating useless heating on weekends and holidays, reducing the number of students remaining, you can avoid complex planning and save energy.

Reduced student maintenance can save more money. A common problem facing universities is that TRV stagnates during the summer, when the valves do not move. eTRV + has a weekly valve movement function that prevents year-round adhesions.

eTRV + can also reduce the load on the entire heating system, so in some cases it can reduce variable pump speeds, which saves electricity.

For students, eTRV + offers greater comfort. The bedroom is no longer too hot or too cold. If extra calories are needed, a manual one-hour calorie boost can provide control.

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