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Remote sensors vs. Remote control thermostats


What is the difference between a remote control thermostat and one with remote sensors?

Remote control thermostats are connected to wi-fi and can be adjusted using a website or a smartphone app.

Remote sensors are used to send temperature information to your thermostat so that it can adjust the heating/cooling based on the information it receives.

Most thermostats are placed in the hallway and the temperature in the entire house will be dictated by the temperature of the room where the thermostat is placed. That is why the temperature in other rooms may be slightly different; you may end up with a very cold room and the thermostat will think the temperature is right.
Remote control thermostats

That is where a remote thermostat sensor comes in. You can place a sensor in a different room and it will send temperature and motion information back to the main thermostat. If you’re relaxing in your bedroom, and the living room is empty, the thermostat can adjust the settings so you don’t waste energy heating your living room. Thermostats with remote sensor ability are a much smarter way to control the HVAC system in your home.

remote thermostat sensor

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