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SASWELL at the Frankfurt ISH show in Germany


March 11th - March 15th 2019, the 2019 ISH international heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitary home exhibition (ISH) is held at the Frankfurt international exhibition centre.

ISH has been around for more than 50 years and has been a successful show for half a century. Held every two years in Frankfurt, the exhibition is an influential professional exhibition in the fields of sanitary ware, heating, refrigeration and new energy products, attracting worldwide attention and becoming a gathering place for global enterprises.

SASWELL will carry four big family heating solution to attend the event, the exhibition from 59 countries and regions in the world this year, a total of 2497 companies, will use the brand power station on the international stage, to compete with big international brands, from water floor heating, electric floor heating, the wall hanging boiler control, radiator valve control, provides a wireless connection technology, WIFI, remote control technology, emerge from numerous intelligence control products, attracted a large number of overseas visitors stop to understand.

View exhibitors from all over the world showed high spirits and one after another. There were on-site experience of operating products, consulting with reception staff about technical principles, and understanding how SASWELL products are connected to its brand solutions. The atmosphere was warm.

Visitors negotiate with SASWELL staff

Explain the technical principle of SASWELL products to the view exhibitors

Experience the operation of SASWELL products

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